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Amazon plant diversity revealed by a taxonomically verified species list

  1. Rafaela Campostrini Forzzao
  1. aNational Institute of Science and Technology in Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Studies in Ecology and Evolution (INCT IN-TREE), Instituto de Biologia, Universidade Federal da Bahia, 40170-115 Salvador, BA, Brazil;
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  1. Edited by Michael J. Donoghue, Yale University, New Haven, CT, and approved August 11, 2017 (received for review April 24, 2017)


Large floristic datasets that purportedly represent the diversity and composition of the Amazon tree flora are being widely used to draw conclusions about the patterns and evolution of Amazon plant diversity, but these datasets are fundamentally flawed in both their methodology and the resulting content. We have assembled a comprehensive dataset of Amazonian seed plant species from published sources that includes falsifiable data based on voucher specimens identified by taxonomic specialists. This growing list should serve as a basis for addressing the long-standing debate on the number of plant species in the Amazon, as well as for downstream ecological and evolutionary analyses aimed at understanding the origin and function of the exceptional biodiversity of the vast Amazonian forests.


Recent debates on the number of plant species in the vast lowland rain forests of the Amazon have been based largely on model estimates, neglecting published checklists based on verified voucher data. Here we collate taxonomically verified checklists to present a list of seed plant species from lowland Amazon rain forests. Our list comprises 14,003 species, of which 6,727 are trees. These figures are similar to estimates derived from nonparametric ecological models, but they contrast strongly with predictions of much higher tree diversity derived from parametric models. Based on the known proportion of tree species in neotropical lowland rain forest communities as measured in complete plot censuses, and on overall estimates of seed plant diversity in Brazil and in the neotropics in general, it is more likely that tree diversity in the Amazon is closer to the lower estimates derived from nonparametric models. Much remains unknown about Amazonian plant diversity, but this taxonomically verified dataset provides a valid starting point for macroecological and evolutionary studies aimed at understanding the origin, evolution, and ecology of the exceptional biodiversity of Amazonian forests.


  • ?1D.C. and T.S. contributed equally to this work.

  • ?2To whom correspondence should be addressed. Email: cardosobot{at}gmail.com.
  • Author contributions: D.C. and T.S. designed research; D.C., T.S., S.A., A.M.A., V.B., M.C., D.C.D., P.F., V.A.F., L.L.G., R.G., G.H., J.I., C.L.K., S.K., H.C.d.L., A.F.P.M., R.M.d.S., R.M.-S., F.A.M., J.M., P.M., P.L.R.d.M., S.A.M., T.S.N., T.D.P., J.R.P., G.T.P., L.P.d.Q., A.R., R.R., C.A.V.R., N.R., G.S., M.S., J.R.S., W.D.S., C.M.T., M.T., C.v.d.B., H.v.d.W., P.L.V., C.E.Z., and R.C.F. performed research; D.C., T.S., and R.C.F. analyzed data; D.C., T.S., D.C.D., R.G., S.K., F.A.M., L.P.d.Q., A.R., R.R., C.M.T., and R.C.F. wrote the paper; D.C., T.S., S.A., V.A.F., C.L.K., and R.C.F. collated the checklist; and D.C., T.S., S.A., A.M.A., V.B., M.C., D.C.D., P.F., V.A.F., L.L.G., R.G., G.H., J.I., C.L.K., S.K., H.C.d.L., A.F.P.M., R.M.d.S., R.M.-S., F.A.M., J.M., P.M., P.L.R.d.M., S.A.M., T.S.N., T.D.P., J.R.P., G.T.P., L.P.d.Q., A.R., R.R., C.A.V.R., N.R., G.S., M.S., J.R.S., W.D.S., C.M.T., M.T., C.v.d.B., H.v.d.W., P.L.V., C.E.Z., and R.C.F. reviewed and revised the checklists.

  • The authors declare no conflict of interest.

  • This article is a PNAS Direct Submission.

  • This article contains supporting information online at www.danielhellerman.com/lookup/suppl/doi:10.1073/pnas.1706756114/-/DCSupplemental.

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