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Our Use of Cookies

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small file created to store information on your computer. We do not use cookies to track other sites you have visited or to track any confidential or personal information. We create cookies to enable authentication for subscription access and to remember your preferences if you have customized the PNAS Online interface.

We delete all authentication cookies when you quit your browser (unless Auto Sign In is enabled) or when you click Sign Out. Preferences cookies persist from session to session unless manually deleted.

Sign In and Sign Out

Auto Sign In allows you to bypass the sign-in step each session by creating a cookie to encrypt and store your login information. To enable this feature, check the “Remember my user name and password” option on the sign-in page. As you will not be logged out when you quit your browser, you must click Sign Out if you wish to disable Auto Sign In and to log out of your account.

Please be aware that anyone with access to your computer will have access to your subscription information when using the Auto Sign In feature; therefore, do not enable Auto Sign In on a computer to which other users have access.

Follow the Sign Out link to delete your authentication cookie and to sign out of your personal subscription. We recommend that you sign out any time you sign in to your subscription on a computer to which other users have access.

If you are repeatedly prompted to sign in to view PNAS Online content or if you are encountering other site problems related to cookies, please review these possible causes:

  • You are not accepting cookies. Check that your browser is configured to accept cookies
  • You are using a program on your computer that deletes cookies. You will need to create an exception for PNAS Online
  • You are accessing the site via a proxy server that automatically deletes cookies. Contact your network administrator for assistance.
  • Your computer’s date is incorrect. This can cause problems for date-dependent cookies; correct the date and time in your computer settings.

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