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  1. ...et al. (2). In contrast to wildtypemice, intranasal infection of these mice with SARSCoV did result in weight loss and death. However, WIV1-CoV replicated to lower titers in ACE2 transgenic Fig. 1. Experimental platform for moving beyond metagenomics to identify viruses with pandemic potential...
  2. ...), and thus cannot be progenitors of oxygenic photosynthesis. Similarly, results show that the carbon fixation pathway that defines this clade—the 3-hydroxypropionate bicycle— evolved late in Earth history as a result of a series of horizontal gene transfer events, explaining the lack of geological evidence...
  3. ...a previous labeling study with cold seep sediments by Wegener et al. (21), in which methane contributed up to 50% during archaeal lipid carbon ?xation for mixed ANME-1/ANME-2 and ANME-2–dominated communities. Lipid Production, Inorganic CarbonAssimilation, andMethane-Dependent Carbon Fixation.We converted...
  4. .... Simulations make predictions about the role of ubiquitous OMZ microorganisms in mediating carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur cycling. For example, nitrite “leakage” during incomplete sulfide-driven denitrification by SUP05 Gammaproteobacteria is predicted to support inorganic carbon fixation and intense nitrogen...
  5. ...?uxes in the modi?ed network compared with the WT model (SI Text). A Systematic Method to Locate Synthetic Carbon Fixation Pathways Reveals the Simplest Carbon Fixation Cycles. We have developed a computational approach to systematically explore all of the possibilities for building carbon?xation cycles...
  6. ...of the two most abundant phototrophs on Earth. molecular ecology | metagenomics | Tara Oceans | Synechococcus | Prochlorococcus The ubiquitous marine picocyanobacteria Prochlorococcus andSynechococcus are major contributors to global chlorophyll biomass, together accounting for a quarter of global carbon...
  7. ...diversity within the human body is substantially broader than previously appreciated. cell-free DNA | microbiome | metagenomics | biological dark matter The advent of high-throughput DNA sequencing has led topowerful new approaches to studying the diversity of life on Earth, ranging from single-cell genome...
  8. ...for oxidative phosphorylation (see text for more details). ( C ) Pieces of the photosynthetic machinery (including heme/porphyrin synthesis). ( D ) Carbon fixation. ( F ) Glycerophospholipid pathways show that only the “pipe” leading to or from the citrate acid cycle covaries. ( G ) Amino acid metabolic...
  9. ...diversity in single gene- or morphology-based studies and an inability to identify up to 90% of reads in viral metagenomes (viromes). Although protein clustering techniques provide a significant advance by helping organize this unknownmetagenomic sequence space, they typically use only ~75% of the data...
  10. .... Bar-Even A, Noor E, Lewis NE, Milo R (2010) Design and analysis of synthetic carbon fixation pathways. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 107(19):8889–8894. 6. Bar-Even A, Noor E, Flamholz A, Milo R (2013) Design and analysis of metabolic pathways supporting formatotrophic growth for electricity...
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