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Colloquium Papers (Free Online)

The following is a list of Arthur M. Sackler Colloquia of the National Academy of Sciences. Click on [List of Papers] to view papers from that Colloquium.

Extension of Biology Through Culture
July 25, 2017; 114:30 [List of Papers] | [Digital Edition]
Gene Regulatory Networks and Network Models in Development and Evolution
June 6, 2017; 114:23 [List of Papers] | [Digital Edition]
Coupled Human and Environmental Systems
December 20, 2016; 113:51 [List of Papers] | [Digital Edition]
In the Light of Evolution X: Comparative Phylogeography
July 19, 2016; 113:29 [List of Papers]
Drawing Causal Inference from Big Data
July 5, 2016; 113:27 [List of Papers]
Improving Our Fundamental Understanding of the Role of Aerosol–Cloud Interactions in the Climate System
May 24, 2016; 113:21 [List of Papers] | [Digital Edition]
Knowledge Systems for Sustainable Development Special Feature
April 26, 2016; 113:17 [List of Papers] | [Digital Edition]
Dark Matter Universe: On the Threshold of Discovery
October 6, 2015; 112:40 [List of Papers]
Symbioses Becoming Permanent: The Origins and Evolutionary Trajectories of Organelles
August 18, 2015; 112:33 [List of Papers]
In the Light of Evolution IX: Clonal Reproduction: Alternatives to Sex
July 21, 2015; 112:29 [List of Papers]
Epigenetic Changes in the Developing Brain: Effects on Behavior
June 2, 2015; 112:22 [List of Papers]
The Science of Science Communication II
September 16, 2014; 111(Suppl. 4) [List of Papers]
In the Light of Evolution VIII: Darwinian Thinking in the Social Sciences
July 22, 2014; 111(Suppl. 3) [List of Papers]
The NAS at 150: Celebrating Service to the Nation
June 24, 2014; 111(Suppl. 2) [List of Papers]
The Science of Science Communication
August 20, 2013; 110(Suppl. 3) [List of Papers]
In the Light of Evolution VII: The Human Mental Machinery
June 18, 2013; 110(Suppl. 2) [List of Papers]
See the book edition at the National Academies Press.
Fostering Advances in Interdisciplinary Climate Science
February 26, 2013; 110(Suppl. 1) [List of Papers]
Biological Embedding of Early Social Adversity: From Fruit Flies to Kindergartners
October 16, 2012; 109(Suppl. 2) [List of Papers]
In the Light of Evolution VI: Brain and Behavior
June 26, 2012; 109(Suppl. 1) [List of Papers]
See the book edition at the National Academies Press.
Dynamics of Social, Political, and Economic Institutions
December 27, 2011; 108(Suppl. 4) [List of Papers]
Telomerase and Retrotransposons: Reverse Transcriptases That Shaped Genomes Special Feature
December 20, 2011; 108(51) [List of Papers]
Quantification of Behavior
September 13, 2011; 108(Suppl. 3) [List of Papers]
In the Light of Evolution V: Cooperation and Conflict
June 28, 2011; 108(Suppl. 2) [List of Papers]
See the book edition at the National Academies Press.
Microbes and Health
March 15, 2011; 108(Suppl. 1) [List of Papers]
In the Light of Evolution IV: The Human Condition
May 11, 2010; 107(Suppl. 2) [List of Papers]
See the book edition at the National Academies Press.
Evolution in Health and Medicine
January 26, 2010; 107(Suppl. 1) [List of Papers]
Biogeography, Changing Climates, and Niche Evolution
November 17, 2009; 106(Suppl. 2) [List of Papers]
In the Light of Evolution III: Two Centuries of Darwin
June 16, 2009; 106(Suppl. 1) [List of Papers]
See the book edition at the National Academies Press.
Gene Networks in Development and Evolution Special Feature
December 23, 2008; 105(10) [List of Papers]
Nanomaterials in Medicine Special Feature
November 11, 2008; 105(45) [List of Papers]
In the Light of Evolution II: Biodiversity and Extinction
August 12, 2008; 105(Suppl. 1) [List of Papers]
See the book edition at the National Academies Press.
In the Light of Evolution I: Adaptation and Complex Design
May 15 2007; 104(Suppl. 1) [List of Papers]
See the book edition at the National Academies Press.
From Functional Genomics of Model Organisms to Crop Plants for Global Health
Dec 5 2006; 103(49) [List of Papers]
Frontiers in Bioinformatics: Unsolved Problems and Challenges
Article publication dates vary [List of Papers]
The Role of Science in Solving the World's Emerging Water Problems
Article publication dates vary [List of Papers]
Systematics and the Origin of Species
May 3 2005; 102(Suppl. 1) [List of Papers]
Therapeutic Vaccines: Realities of Today and Hopes for Tomorrow
Oct 5 2004; 101(Suppl. 2) [List of Papers]
Mapping Knowledge Domains
Apr 6 2004; 101(Suppl. 1) [List of Papers]
Chemical Communication in a Post-Genomic World
Nov 25 2003; 100(Suppl. 2) [List of Papers]
Regenerative Medicine
Sep 30 2003; 100(Suppl. 1) [List of Papers]
Self-Perpetuating Structural States in Biology, Disease, and Genetics
Dec 10 2002; 99(Suppl. 4) [List of Papers]
Adaptive Agents, Intelligence, and Emergent Human Organization: Capturing Complexity through Agent-Based Modeling
May 14 2002; 99(Suppl. 3) [List of Papers]
Nanoscience: Underlying Physical Concepts and Phenomena
Apr 30 2002; 99(Suppl. 2) [List of Papers]
Self-Organized Complexity in the Physical, Biological, and Social Sciences
Feb 19 2002; 99(Suppl. 1) [List of Papers]
Neural Signaling
Sep 25 2001; 98(20) [List of Papers]
Links Between Recombination and Replication: Vital Roles of Recombination
Jul 17 2001; 98(15) [List of Papers]
Molecular Kinesis in Cellular Function and Plasticity
Jun 19 2001; 98(13) [List of Papers]
The Future of Evolution
May 8 2001; 98(10) [List of Papers]
Auditory Neuroscience: Development, Transduction, and Integration
Oct 24 2000; 97(22) [List of Papers]
Virulence and Defense in Host-Pathogen Interactions: Common Features Between Plants and Animals
Aug 1 2000; 97(16) [List of Papers]
Variation and Evolution in Plants and Microorganisms
Jun 20 2000; 97(13) [List of Papers]
Proteolytic Processing and Physiological Regulation
Sep 28 1999; 96(20) [List of Papers]
The Neurobiology of Pain
Jul 6 1999; 96(14) [List of Papers]
Plants and Population: Is There Time?
May 25 1999; 96(11) [List of Papers]
Geology, Mineralogy, and Human Welfare
Mar 30 1999; 96(7) [List of Papers]
Computational Biomolecular Science
May 26 1998; 95(11) [List of Papers]
A Song Among the Ruins: 50 Years of Japanese/Academy Cooperative Studies of Atomic Bomb Survivors
May 12 1998; 95(10) [List of Papers]
Protecting Our Food Supply: The Value of Plant Genome Initiatives
Mar 3 1998; 95(5) [List of Papers]
Neuroimaging of Human Brain Function
Feb 3 1998; 95(3) [List of Papers]
The Age of the Universe, Dark Matter, and Structure Formation
Jan 6 1998; 95(1) [List of Papers]
Elliptic Curves and Modular Forms
Oct 14 1997; 94(21) [List of Papers]
Carbon Dioxide and Climate Change
Aug 5 1997; 94(16) [List of Papers]
Genetics and the Origin of Species
Jul 22 1997; 94(15) [List of Papers]
Memory: Recording Experience in Cells and Circuits
Nov 26 1996; 93(24) [List of Papers]
Science, Technology, and the Economy
Nov 12 1996; 93(23) [List of Papers]
Frontiers in Plant Biology: How Plants Communicate
Oct 29 1996; 93(22) [List of Papers]
Genetic Engineering of Viruses and of Virus Vectors
Oct 15 1996; 93(21) [List of Papers]
Biology of Developmental Transcription Control
Sep 3 1996; 93(18) [List of Papers]
Earthquake Prediction: The Scientific Challenge
Apr 30 1996; 93(9) [List of Papers]
Vision: From Photon to Perception
Jan 23 1996; 93(2) [List of Papers]