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Frequently Asked Questions About PNAS

1. What opportunities exist for publication in PNAS?

Instructions and tips are available in our For Authors section.

2. What is your editorial review process?

Our three-tier review process may include an Editorial Board member from one of the 31 NAS disciplines, an NAS Member Editor, and independent peer reviewers. See our Editorial Policies for more information.

3. I read about a PNAS article in the news, but I can’t find the article on the PNAS website. Where is it?

The article you are looking for probably has not published yet. After Monday at 3:00 PM Eastern time, journalists are allowed to report on all articles expected to publish that week in PNAS Early Edition. Because PNAS publishes daily online, you may read about a PNAS article in the news on Monday or Tuesday, but the article may not publish until later in the week. You can use CiteTrack to set up an email alert to notify you as soon as the article you are interested in publishes. For more information about PNAS in the news, please email pnasnews{at}nas.edu.

4. Will you post content in advance of an issue?

PNAS articles are published daily online in PNAS Early Edition 1–4 weeks before they appear in an issue. The date a paper appears in PNAS Early Edition is the publication date of record and is posted with the article.

5. How can I get email alerts?

Please visit our alerts page for more details on free PNAS email alerts.

6. How can I get PNAS?

Since January 2002, PNAS has provided free access to back issues online, making PNAS content free—at both PubMed Central and PNAS—6 months after issue publication. Accordingly, PNAS research articles and papers published in PNAS Early Edition are available only to paid subscribers for the first 6 months. All other articles dating to 1915 are freely available, as are all tables of contents and abstracts, Front Matter, Special Features, Colloquium Papers, Frontiers of Science, supporting information, Highlights in Early Edition, and PNAS Classic Papers.

For subscription information, please see Subscriber Help and Services.

7. Is PNAS free to developing countries?

Yes, PNAS Online is freely and immediately available in more than 100 developing countries. Please see Developing Countries Initiatives.

8. How can I obtain a single copy of an article or a single PNAS issue?

Please visit our Ordering Procedures and Policies page for more details on single-copy or back-issue orders.

9. Are back issues of PNAS available online?

Yes, click here to see the archive of PNAS issues dating back to 1915. Full text HTML is available dating back to November 1996. Back issues are freely available online at both PNAS and PubMed Central and 6 months after issue publication. The digital archive of issues from Volumes 1–111 (1915–2014) is also available through JSTOR to participating institutions.

10. When will regular issues of PNAS be posted on the Internet?

Each issue of PNAS will appear weekly on the Internet the same day as the issue cover date (every Tuesday). For a list of cover dates, see our About page.

11. Is the print edition of PNAS still available?

The print edition is not formally offered for subscription by institutions and is no longer available for individual subscribers.

12. How can I export reference data to a citation manager?

Please click here.

13. Why can’t I get searching to work?

Please see Help with Searching.

14. Where can I find more information for PNAS authors and details about author rights and permissions?

15. Does PNAS have an app?

Yes, you can easily stay updated on the latest content in PNAS with the PNAS Full-Text App. Please click here for more information.


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