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About Direct Manuscript Submission

The standard mode of submitting manuscripts to PNAS is Direct Submission; manuscripts may be submitted directly to the PNAS Editorial Office—authors do not need to first obtain an Academy member's agreement to serve as an editor. Direct Submissions account for more than 95% of papers submitted and 75% of papers published in PNAS. It's the quick and easy way to publish in the world's premier multidisciplinary journal.

For a Direct Submission, the PNAS Editorial Board identifies an appropriate Academy member to serve as the editor. The Member Editor may choose reviewers, guide modifications and revisions to the text, and decide whether the paper should be recommended for publication. The Board reserves the right to reject manuscripts without further review or subject manuscripts to review and reject those that do not meet the standards of the journal. Once the paper is accepted, publication is rapid, taking 7 weeks on average to issue publication. A brief description of the review process can be found here.

Direct Submissions are identified in the journal in two places: 1) Below the author affiliation line on the title page of the article, with the name of the Academy member responsible for editing the paper, and 2) in an additional footnote at the bottom of page 1.

Online Submission of Manuscripts

For initial submission, authors may simply upload a single combined PDF file that contains their manuscript text, figures, tables, and supporting information (SI), at www.PNAScentral.org. An online submission tool can be used to estimate whether the paper fits within PNAS length requirements. Click here for details.

More Information

See the Information for Authors, Author FAQ, and How to Submit pages.

For specific inquiries, contact:
Daniel Salsbury
Deputy Executive Editor, PNAS
Phone: 202-334-2679
Fax: 202-334-2739


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