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Preparation of Revised Submissions

How to submit your revised or resubmitted submission to PNAS.

Revised papers must be received within 2 months or they will be treated as new submissions. If authors require additional time, please notify the editorial office (by phone 202-334-2679 or email pnas{at}nas.edu). Multiple revisions are rarely permitted by the Editorial Board and there is no guarantee that revised papers will be accepted.

Please consider the following when preparing revised submissions.

Resubmission/Revision Cover Letter

The cover letter should include a point-by-point response to the comments of the reviewers and editor. A detailed description of all changes made is required before the editorial office can process the revision.

Manuscript Files

Files must be in production-ready format and should not include any embedded figures, tables, or schemes. Text files should be provided in Word, RTF, or LaTeX format. Figures and schemes should be uploaded individually in TIFF, EPS, PPT, or high-resolution PDF. Tables should also be uploaded individually in Word, RTF, or LaTeX format. Supporting information should be designated as such using the file type and file format options in the "Add File" screen of the submission process. Supporting information is required to be uploaded separately similarly to the main text files.

Please supply high resolution files whenever possible. Resolution of at least 1200 dpi is needed for all line art, 600 dpi for images that combine line art with photographs/halftones, and 300 dpi for color or grayscale photographic images. For more information on preparing digital art, please review the PNAS digital art guidelines.

Once a revision is submitted to the editorial office, all files should be considered to be in their final form.

Cover Art

Authors are invited to submit scientifically interesting and visually arresting cover illustrations. To view accepted cover art, please visit the PNAS cover archive or see additional details at: http://www.danielhellerman.com/site/authors/preparation.xhtml#cover.


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