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How to Submit Your Manuscript and Figures

Initial Submission

How to submit your new paper to PNAS.

For initial submission, we recommend that authors upload a single combined PDF file that contains the manuscript text, figures, tables, and supporting information (SI). A cover letter, SI video files, and any related manuscript files can be uploaded separately. Authors may submit separate source files for their manuscript text and figures, if they wish. After uploading files, authors will be required to input a few additional manuscript items, such as the title, abstract, Significance Statement, and author information, as well as click through the terms and conditions page to ensure the submission adheres to PNAS editorial policies. The corresponding author will need to complete the electronic license to publish form before the submission can be completed.

    How to Prepare Your Initial Submission for PNAS

    Final Contributed Manuscripts and Revisions for Direct Submissions

    How to submit your final Contributed, revised, or resubmitted paper to PNAS.

    Authors must provide a point-by-point response to the reviewers’ comments and production-ready files. The manuscript text file should be submitted in Word or LaTeX format. Figures should be uploaded separately and submitted in PDF, EPS, TIFF, or PPT format. Tables should be uploaded individually in DOC or LaTeX format. SI should be separated in a similar fashion to the main manuscript files and will be identified as SI using the File Type and File Description tabs within the submission process. Please note that manuscript data and files from the initial submission will be automatically carried over to the revision record. If the editor has requested that you submit a revised Direct Submission manuscript, you can follow the link in your decision letter to submit your revised files. For details see Preparation of Revised Submissions.

      How to Prepare Your Revision for PNAS

      Resubmissions of Rejected Papers

      If your manuscript was rejected AND the editor indicated that a resubmission could be considered, we ask that you provide a point-by-point response to the reviewers’ comments and prepare your manuscript as a new submission.

      To begin your submission, please visit www.pnascentral.org. If you have any questions, please call 202-334-2679 or email pnas{at}nas.edu


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