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Frequently Asked Questions about PNAS Android App Permissions

1. Why do I need to agree to these permissions to download the app?

The permissions are connected to specific app functions and are needed for the app to work properly.

2. Why don’t other apps need these permissions?

Features vary from app to app. For example, some apps may have fewer features than others and therefore may require fewer permissions.

3. Why don’t I need to agree to these permissions for the iOS version of the app?

Apple has a permissions system for iOS apps, but it works differently than Google’s permission system. While Google presents the permissions at download and won’t let you download the app without accepting these permissions, Apple doesn’t require that you make a decision on permissions at installation. When you install an iOS app, you are only installing the app. When the app requires a specific permission, it will request it from you.

4. What are the permissions, what are they for, and what am I agreeing to?

Here are some key permissions:

  • Identity (Find accounts on the device); Location (Precise location (GPS and network-based). The PNAS App requires these permissions to send you push notifications using Google Cloud Messaging when new content is available.
  • Contacts/Calendar (Read your contacts); Phone (Read call log). The PNAS App requires these permissions to allow you to use your current list of contacts when you want to send an article to a colleague.
  • Photo/Media/Files (Modify or delete contents of USB storage and test access to protected storage).This permission allows you to download full issues of PNAS to your phone.
  • Device ID and call information (Read phone status and identity); Receive data from Internet—give the app permission to access the Internet; Full network access; View network connections. These permissions allow the app to access the Internet from your device. For example, by being able to view your network connections, if an Internet connection is not available when you try to access the app, it will let you know. Or, if you are listening to a podcast on the app and get a phone call, the app will stop the podcast.

5. Where can I find more information on your terms of use?

Please see our Terms of Use page.


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