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Top Front Matter Articles of 2016

Image courtesy of Dave Cutler

PNAS Front Matter aims to tell the stories of science across disciplines—in-depth, substantive stories that enlighten, educate, update, and occasionally entertain. The sections—Core Concepts, Inner Workings, Science and Culture, News Features, and Opinions—are all written with those aims in mind.

This year, to highlight some of our most interesting, impactful pieces, we’ve compiled a “Best of” list. The criteria are simple: we’ve selected three pieces from each of the five sections. Two are based solely on the web traffic that the piece received in the first three months after publication (with some allowance made for more recent pieces). The third is an “Editor’s Choice,” an insightful work that may not necessarily have had high traffic numbers.

We hope these highlights will demonstrate the quality stories we endeavor to publish. And we hope to encourage new readers to take a look at our offerings, as we forge ahead with another year’s worth of captivating stories.