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Institutional Subscriptions

PNAS Online Institutional subscribers receive access to tables of content, abstracts, papers published online in PNAS Early Edition, full-text searching, full-text display, PDFs, links to Medline and GenBank, email table of contents alerts, and interjournal links to other HighWire Press journals. Access is limited to computers within a particular set of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and does not require usernames or passwords.

"Authorized Users" are authenticated, current, full- and part-time students, employees (including faculty, staff, affiliated researchers, independent contractors, and walk-in users), and other individuals who have legal access to the subscriber's facilities and computer network. Remote access is allowable to authorized users only if they are authenticated through a secure network. Open proxies and other nonauthenticated proxy servers are prohibited.

An "institution" is all parts of an organization that report to the same Chief Academic Officer or Chief Executive Officer. For multicampus academic institutions, each organization listed in the Directory of Higher Education is a separate institution (http://www.danielhellerman.com), and requires its own site license. For the purposes of these terms and conditions, academic law libraries and academic medical libraries are considered part of a university and are part of an Institution only if they report to the same institutional Chief Academic Officer.

Individuals who are not NAS members may subscribe at the Nonmember Individual level. Subscribing to PNAS Online is a two-step procedure:

1. Follow your usual "new serial" ordering procedures to subscribe to PNAS Online:

  • send payment to your subscription agent, or
  • send payment to PNAS by check, credit card, money order, or draft.

Please note: New subscribers cannot access PNAS Online until Step 2 is completed. Step 2 is not necessary for current accounts renewing their subscriptions. For renewing accounts, your expiration date will be revised to the end of the new calendar year once your renewal payment is processed.

2. Once PNAS has received payment for a new subscription to PNAS Online, you will receive an email with instructions on how to activate your online subscription. The letter will direct you to an online form. To activate your online subscription, you will need:

  • Your institution's IP addresses. [Please see Critical Information About IP Addresses]
  • The name, title, phone, fax, and email of the institutional contact person for the online subscription.
  • Your Access Code (will be included with the activation email).

Your institution will not have access to the full PNAS Online until you complete this second step.

Payment for PNAS Online subscriptions can be accepted through subscription agents but the online registration form may not be completed by agents. The PNAS Office will handle all administration of online registration directly with the subscriber.

If You Are Having Access Problems

If you are subscribing to PNAS Online directly (not through a subscription agent), please call Sheridan Subscriber Services at 717-632-3535 or email pnas.subs{at}sheridan.com. Make sure you have the Access Code from your activation email.


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